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Cheap Rome Hostel Chaplin Rates

Rome is an important tourist destination and thus thousands of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts can be found all over the city. Still it can be hard to find an affordable and central bed and breakfast in Rome. Please feel free to compare the B&B Chaplin hostel rates to other Rome bed and breakfasts, hotels or even youth hostels.

The rates at the Rome Hostel Chaplin Bed and Breakfast are in Euros, per room (i.e. not per person).


6 Jan - 10 Mar
11 Aug - 31 Aug
4 Nov - 21 Dec


30,00 to 35,00


35,00 to 45,00


52,50 to 67,50


11 Mar - 1 Apr
25 Jun - 10 Aug


40,00 to 45,00


60,00 to 70,00


75,00 to 90,00


1 Apr - 24 Jun
1 Sep - 3 Nov
22 Dec - 5 Jan


50,00 to 55,00


70,00 to 80,00


90,00 to 105,00

Please note that the new Roman tourist tax of 2 Euros per person per night is not included in the bed and breakfast Chaplin rates above.

Also note that during special holidays (e.g. the Christmas and New Year’s period, Easter, May 1st celebration, August 15th) the rates may be slightly higher than indicated above.

There are no extra charges of any kind for your accommodation at the Bed and Breakfast Chaplin Hostel Rome. Bed linen and towels are included. Hot showers are included.

Children up to three years of age sleep for free. A children’s cot is available, upon request.

The price of your accommodation at the Bed and Breakfast Chaplin Hostel Rome includes a delicious breakfast (which, upon request, will be served in the room), consisting of different kinds of cereal with milk, freshly baked bread with butter, jam, peanut butter and nutella, coffee or tea and a choice of four different kinds of fruit juice – a lot more than the usual cup of coffee and stale bread roll you get in other hostels and bed and breakfasts in Rome.