The first taxi the average tourist in Rome will need is from either Ciampino or Fiumicino, the Italian capital’s two airports, to the center of the city. Fixed rates are applicable for these rides. Independent of the duration of the trip, the time of day or the day of the week, the number of passengers or the pieces of luggage, the price from Ciampino to the center of Rome and vice versa is 32 Euros. From the airport of Fiumicino to the center of Rome the fixed rate is 48 Euros.

Taxi Stand Roma TerminiBy the center of Rome is meant that part of the city which lies inside the Aurelian walls.

Some other destinations also have fixed taxi rates from Fiumicino. To the port of Civitavecchia a taxi ride will cost you 120 Euros, whereas a ride between the two airports is 50 Euros.  From Fiumicino to Ostiense station the rate is 45 Euros and from the airport to Tiburtina station this is 55 Euros.

(Note that the people who come up to you as soon as you enter the airport arrival hallways and offer you taxi rides to Rome are usually not legal taxi drivers. Be very suspicious of what they tell you in order to get you into their cars.)

It is often difficult to flag taxis in the street, so it is recommended to have the phone numbers of the main companies on hand (see below).

The new taxi tariffs as of June 2012 are the following:

  • On weekdays from 7 AM until 10 PM the starting rate is 3,00 Euros.
  • On Sundays and holidays from 7 AM until 10 PM the starting rate is 4,50 Euros.
  • On Sundays and holidays from 10 PM until 7 AM the starting rate is 6,50 Euros.
  • When the taxi drives with a velocity of less than 20 KM/hour the rate is 27 Euros per hour.
  • When the taxi goes faster than that, initially tariff T1 (1,10 Euro per unit) is applied. When the meter reaches 11 Euros it automatically changes to tariff T2 (1,30 Eur per unit) and from 24 Euros onwards tariff T3  (1,60 Euro per unit) becomes operative until the destination is reached.

Like everything in Italy, the procedure for calling a taxi is more complicated than it needs to be: After you have told where you wish to be picked up you will be put on hold. Then you will be told the expected time for the taxi to arrive, plus the identification number of the driver. This is usually the name of a city, plus a number (Roma 12, Pisa 35, etc.). If you agree, all you need to do is hang up. The waiting time is usually given as 4 minutes and usually this is wrong.

Inside the taxi, a list with the different tariffs should be displayed at the back of the front passenger seat. Make sure that the driver turns on the meter, except for rides where a fixed rate applies, such as the to and from the two airports.

The maximum number of passengers in the average taxi is 4. If your group is bigger you should request a bigger car beforehand. There is a surcharge of one Euro per person from the 5th passenger onward.

The first item of luggage is free. After that you pay 1 Euro per item, on the condition that this is bigger than 35 by 25 by 50cm. There is no surcharge for rides to and from one of the two airports.

Taxi’s in Rome do not usually have children’s seats available so in case you are traveling with babies or toddlers make sure to bring your own seat.

Rome’s taxi companies

  • 063570 (Radio Taxi 3570)
  • 065551 (Radio Taxi Samarcanda)
  • 066645 (Pronto Taxi)
  • 064994 (La Capitale Radio-Taxi)
  • 068822 or 0688177 (Mondo Taxi)
  • 064147 (Radio Taxi Tevere)
  • 065601646 (Radio Taxi Ostia Lido) – Note that this one is not based in Rome itself, but in Ostia.
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