Roma Tiburtina

Roma Tiburtina is the name of the second railway station in Rome. It is located in the eastern half of the city and from Roma Termini it can be reached by metro line B (4 stops).

During the night, while Roma Termini is closed, Tiburtina becomes the main railway station of the city, but also during daytime some important trains arrive there. Tiburtina is a stop on the slower trains of the Firenze-Rome-Napoli railway line and trains to and from places like Pescara and Tivoli also arrive here.

The regional trains FR1 and FR2 (so, including the slow train from Fiumicino) also pass through Tiburtina.

In front of the railway station itself the Piazzale Tiburtina can be found, where you can take local buses to destinations in Rome that are not served by subway line B.

Another square, bigger and at a short walking distance, is the home of several bus companies in Rome that transport passengers to several medium and long-distance destinations in Italy.

The international company Eurolines also has it office, and leaves from, this square.

At the moment Stazione Tiburtina is even more chaotic than usual because important works are going on around it.

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Roma Tiburtina Practical Information

Address Piazzale della Stazione Tiburtina, Rome, Italy
District Rome east (quartiere Pietralata)
Hotels nearby Rome hotels
Telephone Unknown
Opening Hours All day
Closed Never
Admission Not applicable
Public transport Metro: Tiburtina (line B); Bus: 71, 111, 120E, 135, 163, 168, 211, 309, 409, 443, 448, 490, 491, 492, 495, 545, 649, C2, C3, N2, N17, N23
Special Holidays/Events None
Note None

Directions to the Roma Tiburtina

Take metro line B from Roma Termini to the Tiburtina stop. Alternatively take a train to the Tiburtina railway station.

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